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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I start working in trader24.club?

You need to register on our website and create your account. At the top of the site, click Create account and complete the registration process.

What if I can't create an account?

Check your personal information in detail. If everything is correct, you need to contact our support team.

Can I create multiple personal accounts?

You can only create one personal account. If you create multiple accounts, trader24.club will lock your accounts without further recovery.

How can I make a profit?

Users have the opportunity to make a profit in two ways: by opening a Deposit in accordance with the selected investment proposal or receiving benefits for inviting new participants.

How often are interest paid on Deposit?

Interest is paid in accordance with the terms of the investment offer. The countdown starts from the moment the Deposit is placed in the system.

Are there any restrictions on investing?

Investments are accepted in strict accordance with the investment proposals. Minimum investment - $20. Maximum investment - $10000. You can only make one Deposit per tariff.

How can I top up my account balance?

Have trader24.club there are different payment systems such as Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin. Later we add other payment systems.

How to open a Deposit in this system?

Use your username and password. Sign in to your account. Click "Add account balance". Enter the amount you want to invest. After confirming the number and variety of electronic payment system, you will be redirected to your payment system. Follow these instructions and pay for the transaction. Then you are automatically redirected back to your personal account. Choose an investment plan. Confirm it.

Do you have any withdrawal minimum?

Minimum withdrawal is $0.1 for Perfect Money, Payeer or $5 for Bitcoin.

How long will the funds be transferred to my wallet?

All withdrawals are made automatically. Payments will be processed instantly. In some cases there may be delays of up to 8 hours.

Where can I see the statistics of my partner structure?

In the "Partners" section, you can always track the full statistics on your invited partner, and also have full information on the total amount of funds raised from all levels of the referral structure.

How secure user accounts and personal data?

All stored data on our servers remains protected via encryption technology all the time. All account related transactions done by our clients are mediated exclusively via secured internet connections.

I can't find the answer to my question here. What am I to do?

Contact us through any social networks. Do not duplicate your question on our social networks, please use only one way.